Construction Phase

Turning your ideas into reality.

Sparrow Homes and Land is a licensed and insured general contractor. As your homebuilder, I take pride in turning your ideas into reality. My goal is to enhance your life and the lives of your family. A smooth and successful construction process will lead to this outcome. The ultimate goal of this relationship is to successfully build your home.

PRE-CONSTRUCTION:  This phase typically takes three to four months, and includes: Architectural Design, Soils Test and Report, Site Survey, Structural Engineering, Building Permit and Architectural Committee approval.

SOILS: The existing soils condition will be tested, and will dictate the foundation and basement floor design. Expansive soil is common in Colorado, and will be properly address by the engineering reports and construction methods.

ENERGY: Sustainability and green building are important for good stewardship and conservation of the planet. Energy star products will be selected, including high efficiency heating and cooling equipment. Sparrow Homes focuses on tight construction and ductwork, proper insulation and windows, indoor air quality, water conservation, durability, and energy use.

SYSTEM APPROACH: The home functions as a whole, with the different parts properly designed and sized for this approach.

- Mechanical Systems are designed properly for comfort and efficiency.
- Tight construction and tight ductwork.
- Indoor air quality with fresh air ventilation.

• The drainage plane (shell of the house) is constructed for proper water management.
• Site grading is established with proper drainage away from the house.
• Home Energy Rating System and REScheck energy solutions

CONSTRUCTION: This phase typically take between six and eight months. Sparrow Homes will be on-site to manage and oversee each step in the process. Homeowners are welcome to visit the site to observe progress. Qualified trade partners will be used perform each task. Required inspections and engineering letters will be coordinated by Sparrow Homes. The homeowner will be presented a Certificate of Occupancy at the completion of their beautiful new home.