Project Management

Managing people and materials for a successful outcome.

Sparrow Homes and Land will act as your Project Manager. This creates a seamless process for the construction of your new home - from beginning to end. It’s very important to have a builder you can trust. This builder/customer relationship is established during the design phase with the owner of Sparrow Homes.

It’s also very beneficial to have your architect act as your project manager. You can be certain that your home will be built according to plan. Project management can be defined as the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve project objectives.

As your project manager, Sparrow Homes will:

• Help define the goals and objectives for the project.
• Determine when the project components are to be completed and by whom.
• Create quality control checks to ensure they are completed according to plan.

Manage the construction of your new home to include engineering and permitting, contracts and bidding, accounting and banking needs, trade partner negotiations, material and finish selections, scheduling, budgeting, construction supervision, and quality control.